Wooden Mojura Fans V1.1 by Flow DNA


Wooden practice fans designed and manufactured by Flow DNA in South Africa.  Now available in various colour options!

Sold as a pair.


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Wooden practice tech fans meticulously designed and manufactured by Flow DNA in South Africa. They were created from the ground up not just to look good, but ergonomically to feel good in your hands however you hold them (not just on the handles). They are shaped to stimulate persistence of vision effects in motion, and rounded off for the comfort of holding them, with a slightly bubbly feel to touch.  With a finishing process designed by a professional luthier, you can feel just the right amount of the smooth grain of the wood slide inside your hands.

For the V1.1 update, we refined the Mojura grip design into 3 shapes to meet the needs of even the most techy fan spinner along the spectrum of style preference. From USA-box-tech to Russian-momentum-tech!

The Mojura grips took hundreds of design iterations to make, with dozens of physical prototypes sent around the world to gather feedback from the worlds best fan spinners.  After over 5 years of constant updates, it has been agreed by all who have played with them that nobody can find anything they would want to have changed.  This was the ultimate goal of Mojuragrip.  Flow DNA will be using these exact grip shapes for as long as we make fans.


– Balanced and shaped for box-tech manipulation, fishtails, gunslingers, spinning, and juggling*.
– Centre-of-mass marked out with a logo.
– Side balance points visibly indicated.
– Great for layering 2-fans-1-hand techniques.
– Padded square handles for tactile feedback on 90 degree angles.
– Additional grips on the sides for extra techy movement opportunities.
– Comfortable to hold at any point along the edges, as well as the inside of the fans.
– Made from highly durable aviation-grade birch plywood (material originally designed for airplane wings).
– Finished with bio-friendly shellac, like a luthier-crafted custom guitar.
– Available in various colour options.

* While this birch plywood will not break unless you try really hard, we do not recommend juggling on harsh surfaces like bricks and concrete, as the drops will cause marks on the edges of your fans.

Available in 3 grip-ring sizes:
– Small-ring – 51mm (2 inches)
– Medium-ring – 76mm (3 inches)
– Big-ring – 89mm (3.5 inches)


(See demo image on “how to hold” for reference)

(AKA Box-tech grip for USA styles)
These are made to fit 3 fingers, or 2 large fingers.
If you like to perform box-techy manipulations that involve more jerky movements where you need to stall the fans at specific angles, then this is the grip for you.

(AKA Hybrid-tech grip for Jack-of-all styles)
These are made for 4 fingers, or 3 large fingers. Having more ring to hold on to is better for swinging/weaving techniques and tosses than the small-ring grips, while there is still enough flat handle space to hold onto for stalls and plane-switches. This grip is trying to be the best of both worlds.

(AKA Momentum-tech grip for Russian styles)
If you prefer to spin your fans in a continuous flow, performing lots of weaves and fountains, or if you want to do a lot of tosses with your fans, then you want a nice big ring. A large hand-hole allows for wilder spinning momentum-tech movements, and is easier to catch in the air. Box-tech stalling and tutting/switching is less easy with this grip, but still possible, and the squared handle helps with that.


Material: Aviation-grade birch plywood
Thickness: 9.5mmmm (0.375″)
Length: 349mm (13.74″)
Width: 489mm (19.25″)
Weight: 240g (8.4oz) per fan