Wooden 8-Rings by Flow DNA (Pair)


A pair of wooden 8-Rings made by Flow DNA.

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Another beautiful, proudly made prop from Flow DNA.  Lightweight and durable wooden 8-rings that feel great.

Use one in each hand and create illusions by isolating 1 or 2 of the 4 circles in different places, timings and directions.  Hold the prop in-between the two rings and use finger twirling to make them spin. This can be quite taxing on your arms and fingers with heavy or thick 8-rings, so we designed these to be smaller, lighter, and thinner than other 8-rings we’ve seen so that you can be more comfortable, and they’re easier to learn with while creating your illusions!

Made from aviation grade birch plywood – super strong – and varnished using shellac (an environmentally friendly varnish made from beetles).  The edges are rounded and smoothed to slide between your fingers with ease.


  • Machine cut and hand-routed aviation-grade birch plywood shapes.
  • Each set consists of 2 single piece 8 rings.
  • Smoothly rounded edges for comfort.
  • Lightweight for easy finger twirling.
  • Finished with an eco-friendly shellac.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 140g per individual 8-ring
  • Full length: 53.5cm
  • Outer diameter: 27.5cm
  • Inner circle diameter: 24cm
  • Ring thickness: 16mm
  • Wood thickness: 9mm

Here’s a short tutorial to get your initial spin going.