Fishgeng by Flow DNA


Flow DNA is proud to present: Fishgeng!  These geng are designed for contact tech and isolations.

Handmade right here in South Africa.  The result of years of experimentation with S-Staffs and Buugeng.

Sold as a pair.


Flow DNA is proud to present you another style of s-staff in our geng props range: Fishgeng!  We bring you a fresh dimension to your geng journey allowing for more tech, more madness, and more delight from your viewers.  Resistance is futile, discovery inevitable, and enjoyment guaranteed.

After consulting with Rion Fish (@FishShapes) for feedback on our Contactgeng prototypes, his recommendation was that if we wanted to fulfill the needs of a Buugengster like him, we should make a design very similar to the S-staffs that he makes.  So we did that, except we made these ones out of finely-finished wood, and collapsible with a hinge.  The shape is geared towards facilitating techniques and dance particular to circular isolations and contact styles.  Another step in our journey of evolving the art of Buugeng.

We decided to name these Fishgeng out of respect and attribution to Rion, and also because we had other ideas for the props we call Contactgeng.

The geng blade curves of Fishgeng are deeper than they are on our Flowgeng shape, more like semi circles.  While this makes them not-quite-as-good for 2-geng-1-hand tech and inversions between the arms, they make really cool circular shapes for isolations, and they have enough “hook” for you to perform slide contact moves.  Similar to a contact staff sliding/rolling on your body, these geng provide the ability to slide the curves along the lines of your body.  We recommend learning how to “hook” / “balance” the contact geng on your arm to get a feel for the tech movement.


  • Machine cut and hand-routed aviation-grade birch plywood shapes.
  • A single staff is made of 2 pieces connected with a central hinge and 4 strong rare earth magnets (1 set consists of 4 pieces to create 2 staffs).
  • They can be connected in different configurations, or collapsed for transport.
  • Magnet in the middle of the handle for interesting configurations and explorations.
  • Smoothly routed handles, to encourage sliding in a loose grip.
  • Designed to be suitable for contact manipulations and isolations.
  • Lightweight for easy finger twirling.
  • Finished with multiple layers of eco-friendly shellac like a custom guitar.

Tech Specs:

  • Length in S-Shape configuration: 82cm (32″)
  • Length in collapsed configuration: 42cm (16.5″)
  • Thickness: 9.5mm thick birch ply wood
  • Weight: 315g per staff


All colours have a 6-8 week lead time. Extra fancy custom style could take longer and is all depending on the craziness of your desires.

Sold as a pair, and comes with a Flow DNA Carry Bag.