Returns and Warranty

We care about the products we sell, and strive to bring you the best quality materials available to us.  Any goods found to be defective in quality within 6 months of their purchase will entitle you to a refund, or may allow Flow DNA the chance to repair or replace the goods.  Due to the nature of our products we will have to investigate whether or not the defect is due to unreasonable excessive physical strain or a manufacturing defect.  In order to do this we may ask for a picture or video with a detailed explanation as to what went wrong.  We may ask for the return of defective goods, or for you to deal with the supplier directly if that is what they prefer.  This usually results in a faster resolution, and we will maintain a degree of mediation as required or requested by you.  Defective goods which do not fall under supplier warranty will be replaced or repaired by Flow DNA if possible.  If this is not possible, we will happily issue you a refund.

If goods are returned and repaired, the customer is liable to all shipping costs, as is stated in South African law.

In the case of Flowtoys products there are special policies in place.  Flowtoys has a lifetime warranty on most of their products.  They can be either fully replaced if there is no physical damage to the product, or qualify for a half price replacement if they malfunction at any stage in their lives.  Please note that the batteries in the capsule light for podpoi have a life expectancy of 2 years, so if capsule light does not charge or loses charge quickly after 2 years of purchase this qualifies as a half price replacement.  If it is within 2 years of purchase it qualifies as a full replacement.  Therefore you will require a proof of purchase if you would like a warranty replacement.  This can be in the form of the invoice we send you via email, or an invoice we issue you when you purchase with us face to face.  Please ensure you get a proof of purchase from us when buying a Flowtoys product!

When you send us capsule lights for warranty, please make sure that you ONLY SEND THE CAPSULE LIGHTS THAT NEED REPLACING.  If you send us your c-rings or other parts, we might accidentally miss them, and not send them back to you after processing your return.  You will be responsible for any further shipping costs on missed parts.

FiberFlies PixelWhips also come with a lifetime warranty.  The batteries and FiberHeads are considered consumable resources, while the handle with the light unit can be returned for a replacement under the terms of their lifetime warranty.

Flow DNA deals with Flowtoys and FiberFlies on behalf of the customer, so that the customer does not have to send their items back to the USA.  If you have any issues with any Flowtoys product please contact us so that we can help you sort it out.  It does not matter if you bought the item from Flow DNA or not.

We charge a R150 handling fee per item for returning products from Flowtoys and FiberFlies that are not covered by our 6-month standard warranty, to cover costs of investigating issues and shipping.  You’ll find that this is much cheaper than returning them yourself (+/- R2000), and also worth the convenience.

The above is a brief description, and does not cover everything there is to know, for more information please visit their website or follow this link: Flowtoys warranty page

For FiberFlies PixelWhip support, check out this link: Fiberflies Support.