Fire on the Beach 2015

Duncan  with  various  fire  props.
Photography  by  Jason  Paul  Hermann.

Photo Competition 2016

We  had  a  competition  for  the  coolest  flow  arts  photo  in  July  2016.  These are  the  entries.  The  first  3  were  the  winners.

Fire Flower Sticks Experiments

Duncan’s  early  experiments  with  slow-shutter  photography  in  2011/2012 –  examples  of in-spin  and  anti-spin  “flower patterns”  with  fire  flower  sticks.

Photos of Moodhoops LED Hoops

We seem to have a fascination with taking photos of the shiniest of our stock. These were taken when Flow DNA first started selling LED hoops in 2015.

Podpoi Shenanigans

When  one  gets  their  hands  on  large  quantities  of  podpoi,  one  gets  a  bit  carried  away…

Duncan and His Sticks

Just  some  photos  of  Duncan  and  his  juggling  sticks  in  various  locations.