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Flow DNA was born from a passion for the Flow Arts, and the desire to share the mental, physical and spiritual benefits achieved through flow.  Flow Arts is a term that has been widely adopted to describe a movement-based art form which combines the elements of dance and prop manipulation. The arts can be said to draw from many sources of disciplines and cultures, including martial arts, Tai Chi, circus arts and traditional Maori poi spinning. It encompasses a broad variety of modalities / props, such as poi, staff, hula hoops, levitation wands, flower sticks and more.

Flow DNA started out as a festival stall called The Flow Arts Workshop in 2013. Founded by some guy who has been actively involved in the flow arts community in South Africa since a few years before that.  In 2014 the name changed to Flow DNA, which is way cooler, and shorter to say.  It shared space with Earth DNA, in Plumstead, Cape Town, and made claim to the first physical flow arts shop in South Africa (probably Africa).  Later, in 2017, Earth DNA closed down, and Flow DNA moved to some guy’s house in Marina da Gama, where we hosted lessons, workshops, community braais, and fire/LED jams.  Again later, in 2022, Flow DNA moved to another guy’s house in Pringle Bay.

The company was initially intended to be a training academy, but we realised that quality props help quite a lot for getting the feel for the art form, and there was a shortage of supply in South Africa. So in order to provide the service that we felt was most necessary, retail has been our primary focus for the past few years. Welcome to our online store. If you like flow and related arts, then we made it just for you. Thanks for stopping by!

If you have any constructive feedback, queries, or would like to see a particular product listed, please give us a call or drop us a line:

Email: sales@flowdna.co.za
Phone: +27 (83) 270 1131

Duncan About Flow DNA

Duncan About Props

Duncan Roy Greenwood

Meet Duncan, the creative mind behind Flow DNA, a company synonymous with innovation and artistry in the world of flow arts. As both the founder and the lead product designer, Duncan’s journey is a fascinating tale of passion meets profession. His love for spinning and his nerdy attention to detail have carved a unique niche for Flow DNA. Let’s dive into the story of Duncan, the prop designer extraordinaire, whose creations are more than just tools—they are extensions of the artist’s body and soul.

Prop Designer

Duncan didn’t just stumble into the realm of prop designing; he crafted his path with precision and flair. As the owner and product designer at Flow DNA, Duncan spends his days turning imaginative concepts into tangible artistry. His props are not mere playthings but instruments that allow flow artists to express themselves through movement and grace. Each piece is a result of meticulous design, ensuring that it’s not only beautiful to look at but also perfectly balanced and functional. Duncan’s creations have become a staple in the flow community, known for their durability and the seamless experience they provide.

Started Flow DNA for His Love for Spinning

It was Duncan’s deep-seated love for spinning that led him to establish Flow DNA. Captivated by the rhythmic dance of the props and the entrancing flow state it induced, he was determined to spread this joy further. Flow DNA was born out of this passion—a beacon for spinners around the globe. Duncan’s enterprise not only offers top-notch equipment but also fosters a community where enthusiasts can share their love for the art. By nurturing this space, Duncan has helped countless individuals find their flow, connecting them through a shared language of spinning wonder.


Behind the seamless spins and the vibrant colors of his designs lies a true nerd at heart. Duncan’s meticulous approach to his craft is a testament to his nerdy nature, which insists on precision and constant innovation. His analytical mind delves into the physics of flow arts, ensuring each product’s design enhances the user’s experience. This nerdiness extends beyond the products to the way Duncan runs Flow DNA as well, leveraging the latest technology and research to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of flow arts.

Duncan’s journey with Flow DNA is an inspiring example of how following one’s passion can lead to groundbreaking achievements. His blend of artistic vision with a nerdy penchant for detail has cemented Flow DNA’s reputation as a pioneer in the flow community. Whether you’re a seasoned spinner or a curious newcomer, Duncan’s creations invite you to explore the enchanting world of flow arts, one spin at a time. As Flow DNA continues to thrive under Duncan’s creative wing, the future of prop design looks brighter and more exciting than ever.

Carey-Ann Lind

Carey-Ann is not just any sales manager; she is a luminary in the world of flow arts. The elegance with which Carey-Ann performs flow arts is matched only by her enthusiasm to share this love with others. It’s not uncommon to see her teaching moves to friends or sharing tips with beginners. Her belief in the transformative power of flow arts shines through as she helps others discover the joy and physical fulfilment that comes with mastering the flow.

Carey-Ann approaches her job with the same fervour she has for flow arts. Every toy in her inventory isn’t just a product but a vessel for adventure and imagination. She understands the importance of play for both children and adults, and her knack for choosing the perfect toy for every individual makes the experience personal and special. Her interactions with customers go beyond transactions.

Carey-Ann makes genuine connections, often sharing a laugh or a story, demonstrating that her love for her work is rooted in a love for people. Her ability to match the right toy to the right person isn’t just a skill, it’s a gift—a gift that makes her an extraordinary sales manager and a cherished friend to her clientele.

Carey-Ann About Flow DNA

Ash Fire Portrait 1

Robbie Ash

Our professional flow arts guide, flow performer, fire safety and awareness teacher / instructor. For the last 7 years Robbie has been learning, growing and guiding others to help bring further understanding and appreciation in the arts of fire and flow.

A life goal of his has always been towards sharing knowledge, and giving people a tool to improve their lives. Flow state consciousness allows the mind and body to be in harmony with life, which is the core essence of his teachings and interactions with the world. In addition, Robbie also loves to share his knowledge of fire and the need for safety / awareness when engaged with the element.

Robbie makes his way through Flow DNA as our operations assistant and performance leader. When his arms and legs don’t have props attached to him, his fingers are making magic behind the scenes to bring order to the common chaos. Not only are we gifted with his organizational skills, but also with his creative spirit in helping us define our props and ourselves in beautiful and enticing forms.

Specializing in a multitude of props and flow toys – particularly Contact Staff, Rope Dart, Poi, Doubles, and Fans – he shares his passion and expertise through instructional workshops and performance. Anyone is welcome to join him in exploring these skills and levels from beginner to advanced. He hopes to see you lighting up with him one day too, if you wish.

Sindiswa Ngquke

In the whimsical world of Flow DNA, there lies a sparkling gem known not for her magic tricks but for her unwavering dedication to Flow DNA. Sindiswa, the Flow DNA elf, works tirelessly behind the scenes, her nimble fingers and keen eye ensuring that each product is made with love and dispatched to bring joy to flow enthusiasts around the globe. Every day, Sindiswa buzzes about with an energy that lights up the Flow DNA workshop. She is the heartbeat of the operation, Sindiswa’s role is crucial; she ensures that every day runs smoothly, no matter if it’s crafting intricate props or replenishing stock for eager customers. Her commitment is the foundation upon which the magic of Flow DNA is built.

In the corner of the workshop, amidst a rainbow of threads and fabrics, Sindiswa’s sewing station stands. It’s here that she conjures up the durable firewicks, each stitch a promise of safety and longevity for performers’ fiery displays. The final spell Sindiswa casts each day is the dispatching of toys. With care and precision, she packages each order. Sindiswa’s touch is the last human connection before these toys spin and twirl in the hands of their new owners, and she takes great pride in knowing she’s played a part in spreading the wonder of flow arts across the world.

Sindiswa, our beloved Flow DNA elf, may not be seen by the many who cherish their flow toys, but her essence is interwoven in every thread, stitch, and package that leaves the Flow DNA realm. She is the unsung hero, the guardian of quality and joy, and the embodiment of the passion that drives the flow community. Sindiswa’s smile reflects the satisfaction of a job well done, and the knowledge that tomorrow she’ll be there once again, keeping the wheels of Flow DNA turning with her elfish magic.

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