About Us

Flow DNA was born from a passion for the Flow Arts, and the desire to share the mental, physical and spiritual benefits achieved through flow.  Flow Arts is a term that has been widely adopted to describe a movement-based art form which combines the elements of dance and prop manipulation. The arts can be said to draw from many sources of disciplines and cultures, including martial arts, Tai Chi, circus arts and traditional Maori poi spinning. It encompasses a broad variety of modalities / props, such as poi, staff, hula hoops, levitation wands, flower sticks and more.

Flow DNA started out as a festival stall called The Flow Arts Workshop in 2013. Founded by some guy who has been actively involved in the flow arts community in South Africa since a few years before that. A partnership with a shop called Earth DNA led to the name change in 2014. Flow DNA rented space with Earth DNA, in Plumstead, Cape Town, and made claim to the first physical flow arts shop in South Africa (probably Africa).

The company was initially intended to be a training acadamy, but we realised that quality props help quite a lot for getting the feel for the art form, and there was a shortage of supply in South Africa. So in order to provide the service that we felt was most necessary, retail has been our primary focus for the past few years. Welcome to our online store. If you like flow and related arts, then we made it just for you. Thanks for stopping by!

In 2017, Earth DNA closed its doors, and Flow DNA moved out of the Plumstead shop.
We are currently adapting some guy’s residential home into a purpose-built venue for hosting weekly workshops and fire jams. Watch this space.

If you have any constructive feedback, queries, or would like to see a particular product listed, please give us a call or drop us a line:

Email: info@flowdna.co.za
Phone: +27 (83) 270 1131

Duncan Roy Greenwood (some guy)