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Flow DNA Community Blog 16/03/2020

Spirit Fest 2020

This past weekend we ran a stall and play space at Spirit Fest alongside The Psychedelic Theatre. What a treat it was, to be amongst all these other playful and carefree people in a spectacular valley near Swellendam. Surrounded on either side by soft flowing rivers and forest, a mountain waterfall in the distance. We gathered to heal, learn, and celebrate each other’s company.

We set up in the market space with a cozy, community vibe. Wandering amongst the other vendors boasting health products, massages, clothes, jewellery, and delicious food, ranging from pizza and burgers to more traditional dishes – we felt right at home.

We don’t do family festivals as often as others, so having loads of kids to play with and teach was something special for us. Younger people have a creative freedom and curiosity that adults sometimes tend to lack. They’ll jump from toy to toy shouting “Oh whats this? What’s next?” – their excitement un-containable! Every now and then they would get sucked into a particular toy, it’s incredible how quickly kids can get the knack for a toy that speaks to them.

Thank you to all the beautiful people who brought their energy into our space to play, and creating such a lovely festival! Much love from the Flow DNA team!

Peace • Love • Flow
– The Flow DNA Team