Origin Festival

Festival After Festival – Flow DNA Community Blog (4/02/20)

Origin Festival 2020

This past weekend we were at Origin 2020 to do a few LED performances in the evenings. I am still blown away by the incredible production of this festival! Everything felt flawlessly planned and there was much to see, from dance floors to to clothes stalls, not to mention the fantastic Psychedelic Dream Temple. The decor on the main floor was massive and intricate, a great ball of energy and dance and laughter. It was a wonderful experience to perform and be a part of this festival, to bring light and smiles to the people! On Saturday night we had this wonderful circle at the back of the dance floor to play. It was quite a tight fit for 6 performers, but the effect was beautiful with us all dancing around each other in a way. Thank you and well done to the Origin organisers and crew for all your effort in creating this, it truly feels like an international level festival. We want to say another big thank you to the party people for your good energy around the LED circle, we love you!

Equinox Festival

Next week we will be at Equinox Festival with our flow space, come play with us and check out a range of funky toys! This is a special invite only festival. This means your  application must be accepted by their admins and insures good vibes only.


A Weekend Full of Musical & Visual Wonder! A journey of the senses, exploring the depths of the world’s most talented electronic music producers complemented by an extraordinary team of visual arts performers!

Musically inspired, this signature event takes on multiple personalities as the Electronic Music world finds synergy with the Digital Art age…

2020 is upon us…

Learn more about how the festival works and what to expect here

Animus Flow FestAnimus Early Bird

Early Bird tickets for Animus have sold out! You can still get your Normal Pigeon tickets at R250. Don’t hesitate as tickets are limited!

Tickets – www.quicket.co.za

Volunteering at Animus

Volunteer applications for Animus Flow Fest – Fall 2020 are open!

Follow this link and fill in the form to tell us about whatever workshop/art/talk/manual labour you want to contribute to the community.

Applications close on 29 February 2020.

Peace • Love • Flow
– The Flow DNA Team