Flow DNA and Covid-19 – Community Blog (24/03/2020)

In these uncertain times we believe information is our greatest tool, so we’ve decided to inform ourselves as best we can to keep you safe. Here are some measures we are putting in place immediately, and some factors we are considering.

– No physical visits: To limit social contact we’ve decided that for at least the next month, we will not be accepting any visits from customers at Flow DNA, and rather we encourage you to make use of our delivery service. If you have any confusion with how the website or delivery works, email, call or WhatsApp us!
– Increased workspace hygiene: The person who packs and ships our products will be washing their hands regularly, especially after dealing with the courier service or going to the shop.

– Your hygiene: Even though the chances of contracting Covid-19 from delivered packages is very low *check the websites listed below*, it is still a good idea to wash your hands after receiving the package and dealing with the courier service.

– Flattening the curve: This is a crucial time for our country to come together and help stop this disease from overrunning our healthcare system. The best way to do this is through good hygiene and by employing a tactic called social distancing, which basically means avoiding social contact with others as much as possible.

– Your mental health: Employing this tactic of self-isolation could be taxing on your own mental health, we think some daily flow and practice will be a good way to help fight off the anxiety and boredom! We’re backing the #FlowinIsolation hash tag started by FireTribe. While you may be isolated physically, reach out to others via the various social media platforms using this hash tag, and keep those spirits up!

– Small Businesses: Small businesses like ours are at high risk of getting into some serious trouble around this time. Please try to support us and others by continuing to purchase from your local small businesses, keep them afloat until our country (and the world) can become more stable again!



In light of the most recent precautions being taken in our country, we’ve decided to postpone this Animus Flow Fest.
We will have the next one at the next scheduled time somewhere around early October later this year.

We can either refund your ticket, or you can keep this ticket for the October event, we encourage you to do the latter!

If you find yourself in isolation in the coming months, remember that keeping up some practice can help keep that anxiety and boredom away, we will get through this!

Even though this event will be within the legal range of amount of people – we feel that in this critical time of the Covid-19 outbreak in SA the right thing to do is to limit contact with others as much as possible. Please, lets work together with the rest of our country to flatten the infection curve in SA, and avoid potential disaster. The quicker we act, the better we can tackle this issue.

The Animus Flow Fest Team.

In Happier News

Turns out self isolation has been good for one thing, and that’s motivating us to make more toys!

Our new fire and practice staffs and double staffs!
More Contact poi colours.And we’re bringing back the monkey fists!

These will be available on our online store in varied colour combinations. You can also let us know if you have a custom colour set up in mind.

We also have a few new products going up on etsy, including prototype versions of our Mojura Fans (which will be available at a discount) and new Solid Wood Flowgeng!

Peace • Love • Flow
– The Flow DNA Team