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Equinox Experience – Flow DNA Community Blog (11/02/20)

Equinox Experience – Celebrating 10 Years!

With Equinox Experience celebrating their 10 year anniversary this coming weekend, this is a gathering not to be missed! A Weekend Full of Musical & Visual Wonder! A journey of the senses, exploring the depths of the world’s most talented electronic music producers complemented by an extraordinary team of visual arts performers!

Musically inspired, this signature event takes on multiple personalities as the Electronic Music world finds synergy with the Digital Art age… Equinox is a dynamic festival vibrant in character, filled with soul-satisfying, life-enriching moments discovered in a secret village hidden deep inside the EQUINOX Enchanted Forest.

The Flow DNA stall will be set up near the dance floor, with space to chill and lots of toys to play with! Come share in a communal flow space where you can be free and play. We will have a large selection of practice, LED and Fire toys available to excite your inner child. Remember, we are lovers of learning, and free lessons are always available – just ask!

Sign up and get your tickets @ equinox-experience.com

Downtown Electric: MotherCity Chillout Experience

downtown electric

Next weekend we experience the chill at Downtown Electric: MotherCity Chillout Experience. Satisfy your inner child in our communal flow space, where we will have a variety of toys on sale for you groovy creatures. Come play and be free! As the sun sets we will bring out the LED toys to tickle those synapses.

Deep in the heart of the Cape Town underground, The Chill Collective beckons you to a far-out chillout experience. Our gang of groove hunters and The Red Telephone friends invite you to the eclectic, the eccentric, the fantastic:

The Red Telephone HQ in the belly of the beast at Salt River rail yards. Surprising, inviting, and amazing: we weave together unusual spaces, hair-raising sounds and beautiful faces.

Resident Chill Collective sonic species, Clear Particles, EditandRun and Lucky Luke – along with the pick of Cape Town’s downtempo DJs – provide all-day electrifying musical delights. Building on the success of Garden Grooves and Bazique’s Blue Lotus, good food, cold bevvies and interesting art and items will be available in this intimate, eccentric space.

Donation: R100 at the door.
NB: Uber Only Event
Corkage Donation: R150 per cooler box
Food and Beverages available

Peace • Love • Flow
– The Flow DNA Team