Creations of Momo clifton fire jam

Flow DNA Community Blog (6/11/19)

We have decided to start a blog! Our intention is to keep you informed with news of the flow arts community and movement, as well as talk about what we’re up to, toys, ideas and things we think are cool. So here goes!

Good Hope FM Interview with Lanel van der Kolff

(30/10/19) Last week Wednesday , Lanel van der Kolff of The Psychedelic theatre went on air with Good Hope FM to talk about the incredible work she’s been doing. In the interview they discuss Lanel’s roots in dance and performance, her time overseas, and how she turned the love of fire dancing into a growing career, culminating in her company The Psychedelic Theatre. We think it’s really awesome that Lanel got a chance to share her story and vision and further spread the word of our beloved flow arts!

Fire-dancer Lanel Van Der Kolff live in studio with Geri OnAir Saunders 🔥

Posted by GOOD HOPE FM on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

All the Fire Jams

(31/10/19) We also had the pleasure of attending the monthly fire jam on Clifton Beach, where everyone dressed to spook and get funky with some flames! It was a lovely evening and much fun was had. These jams are a special place for our community to connect.
You can follow us (Flow DNA) or FireTribe on Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming jams and classes.
Our friend Monique Maritz has also created an incredible video edit of the evening as well as a really cool little photo album. You can check out more of her work on her page – Creations of Momo.

(05/11/19) This week we went to spin some more fire at the Anti-Guy Fawkes Fire Jam on Strand beach. The jam was organised in order to promote not using fire works over Guy Fawkes, which we think is just fantastic. They also got everyone to donate some animal food in support of Helderberg Animal Welfare.

It was very nice to have two relaxed spaces to jam within a week of each other. Fire is the spice of life!

Lastly, we’ll be ordering from Home of Poi in the next week or so, please contact us if you would like us to get anything specific for you 🙂

Header image courtesy of Monique Maritz.

Peace, love and flow!
-The Flow DNA Team