2020 at Flow DNA – What a Doozy (06/01/2021)

Our new(ish) banner 🙂

This is a really late blog post which is mostly a copy/paste from our January newsletter. Sorry it took so long.

Wow what a year that was, right?
I thought I’d write some things about all the things that happened at Flow DNA, so you can know what just went down. Grab a seat, and maybe a cup of tea, and follow along as I tell you a story of a year. It might be long, but like half of it is pictures, if that helps? 😉

For no good reason, I show you the 2020 calendar as predicted by @metalsithlord90 on Instagram.
Things didn’t quite go this way, but they may as well have.

We Had to Downsize 🙁

Many companies took casualties in the 2020 onslaught. Flow DNA was not spared. Watching 10 years of hard work and dreams crumble before you as you spend many months of sequential 16 hour work days to save it all, is an interesting feeling.

At the start of the year, we had up to 8 people working here at Flow DNA at one time, including 2 full-time sponsored flow artists. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 induced crisis, and other complications, changes needed to be made. Only essential production crew remain, and in the office, it’s just me steering the ship again, Duncan. Going forward, I will be personally at your service, responding to all of your emails, WhatApps, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, and phonecalls, and fulfilling all of your orders myself.

I will also be saying “I” more often, as opposed to “we”. It feels like I’m owning this again, or possibly for the first time. Once the economy is stable again, or I win some kind of jackpot, I’ll get right back onto hiring young artists to help fulfil your orders, and hopefully their dreams.

New Branding!

You may have noticed the new banner at the top. We also have a new logo 🙂
(I still need to update the website to the new branding…)

Sarah Kate Cummins designed these shiny new revamps for us. We like them a lot. To see more of her work, check out @SarahKateIllustration on Instagram.

We Made New Toys!

In 2018 we launched international sales for my Flowgeng and Mojura practice props. They enjoyed more success than anyone anticipated, and steadily increased sales throughout 2019, receiving glowing reviews. It was clear that this needed to be our primary focus going forward. While the global pandemic and other factors significantly affected our South African sales in 2020, our international sales during the midst of the lockdown actually sky-rocketed by over 250% compared to 2019! It was time to take the next step to what everyone had been asking me for, for years – fire props of the same caliber.

Firegeng and Mojura Fire Tech Fans are currently on beta testing iteration 3. Made with precision-cut aluminium frames, and wooden handles for comfort.

If you would like to pre-order a set of Mojura Fire Tech Fans V0.8x, please follow the link below. We will be running another batch in February 2021.

Jessy Spin is currently testing out some prototypes I sent her in December. Follow her Instagram to see what she does with them, and what she says about them. I’m pretty keen to see for myself 🙂

Firegeng prototypes can also be arranged by special request. I’ll make a product for that soonish.

NB: Please do not dip your wooden fire prop handles into any kind of fuel. It will probably mess up the luthier-crafted finish.
We also do not recommend dipping your custom guitar into any fuel, for similar reasons. Also safety 3rd.

Preorder Mojura Fire Fans Beta V0.8x Now!

I Started a Vlog!

Also a Patreon Campaign!To sponsor our content creation and prop development, please follow this link to our Patreon page.

And also check out these videos below, if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂

#FlowDNALove Instagram Competition

I did this thing where I said we’d give a 200 ZAR coupon to the poster of our favourite Instagram post, with #FlowDNALove in the description. This will go on every month until I get bored, or change the hashtag to keep it interesting, or something. In fact, I already know what I’ll probably change the hashtag to. Let’s see how this goes 🙂

And the winner is… @arcoiris_lightchaser with this amazing light painting sculpture!

It was actually kinda hard with all the entries, but this one tells a story, and it looks like a story of love, so that felt fitting.

I will be selecting another winner at the end of January. Stay tuned 🙂

Ok so since this is being copy/pasted to our blog over a month later, here is the January winner:

This animated mandala made with podpoi is so cool I just couldn’t stop staring at it 🙂
Congratulations and thank you to @freakyfeetjie for making this thing.

Animus Flow Fest is Postponed
Again, and Again.

2020 saw the first time that we had to postpone Animus Flow Fest, and then again, and now again. I am not sure what the world will look like in April 2021, or even in October when I’d like to do the spring festival.
At this point we might even need to wait another whole year…
I’m really starting to miss you guys :’(

No more large-scale festivals has been a huge blow to the dream of establishing Flow Arts culture in South Africa, as that was our primary platform of expression. Online events just don’t feel the same. One day when the outside is a safe place to play again, we will bring back the flow to festivals hard, with shiny lights on.

Lockdown Level 3 (again)

Our President Ramaphosa recently announced a return to Lockdown Level 3. Apparently we have not been very good about keeping our masks on, and the pandemic is continuing to spread. I am even reading about mutated, potentially more contagious strains being found in our country. In light of this news, and in support of our nation’s health, Flow DNA will be isolating as much as possible. From now until further notice, we will not be accepting orders for collection, unless absolutely necessary. Online orders for delivery will still be processed as normal. Let’s try to keep this social distancing thing going, together.

Signing Off

While 2020 brought many challenges, and many of them ended in failures, broken dreams, and empty pockets, perhaps it is necessary sometimes to burn off the old, and make space for the new? As fynbos of the Cape needs to burn in order to reseed, maybe we do too, sometimes?

One thing is certain. I remain passionate and devoted to bringing the height of flow arts technology and practice into South Africa, and out to the world.
May this year of 2021 bring great steps along your journey as well.

Peace • Love • Flow
– Duncan
Flow DNA