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Why I created Flow DNA

When I was a kid, I had a tendency to pick up random objects and spin them, throw them, twiddle them, etc. I think everyone does that to a certain extent. Some more than others.

When I started juggling flower sticks, I found that the balance of playful movement, experimentation, and repetition, put me into a relaxed state of mind, where I was fully aware of my surroundings, and yet (or therefore) completely focussed on my current activity. At the same time, I felt free to allow my mind to wander, process my deeper thoughts and feelings, and express them as art.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described this as the “Flow State”

In 2010 my interest in Flow Arts exponentially increased, and I started to learn poi, and other props. The inspiration came from seeing photos like these:

Poi Geometry by David Fanner.

After seeing the visual art potential of combining geometry with juggling, dance, and light painting, I saw Flow Arts as a whole new art form.  “Hooked” doesnt begin to describe it.

Along my journey, it dawned on me that South Africa is a developing country, and quality flow props were lacking.  The materials needed to make quality fire or LED props are scarce, or need to be imported.  I found that I needed to buy my props from other parts of the world, paying large amounts of postage and having to deal with customs and soon started doing group orders with friends to save on shipping costs.

I imagined what it would be like to have a shop in South Africa, where I could buy all the props that I wanted to buy?  If I could support local, with the convenience of a professional secure online shop?  If someone in this country had all of these products in stock, that could deliver them to my door within days…

I dreamed of a community of people playing and sharing knowledge of the arts of movement, dance, circus, juggling, martial arts, gymnastics, balance, and flow and dedicated myself to connecting people to this art, because I truly believe that it is something that everyone should get into at least once.  I have witnessed in awe at how the Flow Arts have transformed lives it touches, even saved lives.  It may surprise you how much you enjoy it.  I believe that everybody needs a healthy balance of work and play in their lives, and Flow Arts provides the most effective tools I know for Play.

My dream eventually manifested into Flow DNA.

Duncan Greenwood