Flow DNA Monkey Fist Begleri


Monkey Fist Begleri made by Flow DNA.



Made here in our office, these Monkey Fist Begleri are made from 4mm colecord and lead sinkers.

Begleri are the fidget toys for the people looking for a challenge.  Learn how to play with begleri from the video below.  It’s a long video but goes over EVERYTHING you need to know.

Easily attached to your belt or stashed in your pocket, these are great to keep with you and use whenever you feel like it.

Available in a variety of colour styles and two standard sizes.  If you would like a specific length please let us know so that we can make it for you.

Tech Specs:

– Small:

  • Weight: 35g
  • Length of tether: 13cm

– Large:

  • Weight: 50g
  • Length of tether: 16cm