Leather Poi by The Leather Man


A handmade pair of leather poi with double loop handles.

Colours may vary.

Sold as a pair

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The leather poi we all know and love, made on the Wild Coast by a man called Louis aka “The Leather Man”.

These are handmade with leather off-cuts, each one is slightly different and therefore unique.  The 4 panel head is seamlessly and securely attached to a polyester cord, at the end is a super comfortable and soft double loop handle.  These are durable and great for beginners!

Please note: These leather poi are all made uniquely, so the colours of the poi heads may vary between black, dark brown and light brown.  


  • Handmade in South Africa.
  • Durable and streamlined design.
  • Each poi is unique.
  • Very durable and great for beginners.
  • Soft leather double loop handle.

Tech Specs:

  • 100g head weight per single poi
  • Polyester cord
  • 55cm total length