Fangeng – HDPE Fin Props by Flow DNA


A pair of HDPE practice fangeng.  These things have a super cool fan-flowy feeling.

Sold as a pair

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We thought we’d take a swing at this fin-type-fan shape 🙂
Originally inspired by a shape made by Brian Hirschberger that he named “FloFin®”, we started working on our own version back in 2021.

Since we consider these kinds of props to be composed of a c-shape (geng) with a fan grip, we call them Fangeng.

The geng blade c-shape creates optical illusions in motion, and the circles cut into them stimulate persistence of vision effects making that even cooler! Due to the asymmetrical nature of the props, spinning in different directions creates different optical illusions. The feeling of spinning them is like “falling into” the forwards direction, or “jumping out of” the reverse direction.

The balance works well for swinging, spinning and juggling, and since they’re made from highly durable HDPE plastic, they can take a serious beating.
When they are fit together they make an S-shape like an S-staff!

* While this HDPE will not break unless you try really hard, we do not recommend juggling on harsh surfaces like bricks and concrete, as the drops will cause marks on the edges of your fans.

V0.1 Available with a 90mm hand-grip-ring and a 30mm thumb-hole.

Material: White HDPE
Thickness: 10mm (0.39″)
Length: 483mm (19″)
Weight: 315g (11.11oz) per fangeng