Firelovers Fire Rope Dart with Dragon Rope Tether


The Fire Rope Dart by Firelovers is a high-quality fire performance prop with a non-stretch, super comfortable Dragon Rope X tether, and a monkey fist dart head.  It is perfect for both professionals and beginners looking to add excitement to their fire performances.

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Fire Rope dart by Firelovers with pure Kevlar® monkey fist head and a Dragon Rope tether.  Rope dart (also known as Jōhyō in Japanese) has roots in Chinese martial arts.  The Rope Dart, like many fire props, was used as a weapon in ancient times.  Now as a flow art, it delivers intense, show-stopping performances utilizing body wraps, precision shots, and delicate dance moves to captivate audiences. It’s easy to learn the basics of twining, shooting and spinning.  These techniques can be applied to dance, martial arts or movement exploration.  Rope dart is a long dragon rope with the poi head locked on the chain at the end. You can open the buckle and replace the monkey fist also with your own training ball. The Monkey Fist head is 9.5cm in diameter.  The head can burn for 10+ minutes with paraffin or lamp oil, or around 5-7 minutes with white gas, or 10+ minutes with.  This head tends to complement slower, more dance-focused rope dartists.

Please note that Dragon Rope is not fire-proof, which is why this fire rope dart has a 40cm (16″) length of chain between the head and the rope.  Dragon Rope can withstand temperatures up to 149°C (300°F).  It can handle short exposure to flame, but it is best to keep it away from fire.


  • Smooth-textured, durable, non-stretch, and highly responsive Dragon Rope X tether.
  • Monkey Fist burn time: 10+ minutes with paraffin or lamp oil.  5-7 min with white gas.
  • Head is attached to a quick link then a short length of twist link chain, a swivel, then to the rope.
  • Hardware is stress tested for reliability & safety
  • Clean, accurate shots

Tech Specs

Length: 3 m

Burner: 9.5 cm Monkey Fist

Rope: Dragon Rope X

Rope diameter: 6 mm


Always use caution when spinning fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.