Braided 10mm Kevlar Rope Wick (per metre)


10mm (3/8″) braided Kevlar fire rope wick.

Sold by the metre.
Purchase 10m or more and get a 10% discount!

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This fire rope wick is made from a blend of Kevlar and high quality fibreglass.  While some wicks containing fibreglass will cause itchiness on the skin when the fibres break from abrasion, we tested this stuff by excessively rubbing it on ourselves, and we did not notice any issues.

The braiding in this rope is less tight than others that we’ve used.  This makes it softer and easier to tie knots with.

10mm is a well-balanced thickness for Kevlar rope wick, as it is thin enough to make it easy to tie knots, while still being thick enough to absorb a good amount of fuel.  It is ideal for making fire toys such as monkey fist fire poi, thin fire snakes, fire skipping ropes and fire sculptures.



  • Non-stretch
  • Non-irritating
  • Absorbent, strong and durable
  • No asbestos or skin burning metallic thread
  • Wick is comfortable and does not heat up


Tech Specs

  • 10mm thick braided Kevlar rope fire wick