Fiberflies Replacement Mega FiberHead 160 for PixelWhip


A spare/replacement mega FiberHead for the FiberFlies PixelWhip with double the amount of fibres!
PixelWhip handle not included.

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From FiberFlies, creators of the PixelWhip, comes the Mega FiberHead 160!  Pack your PixelWhip with twice as many fibres as the standard head – 160 fibres to be exact!  Each PMMA end-glow fibre is 0.75mm thick.

The optic fibres are mounted in the same precision radial bearing as the standard FiberFlies PixelWhip for that same smooth 360 swivel flow.  Make your unicorn tail bigger, with twice as many sparkles, as well as a fuller and heavier feel 🙂

It functions as a replacement fiberhead for your PixelWhip.  Simply unscrew the standard FiberHead and screw the Mega FiberHead in its place for a fuller, brighter visual effect with double the number of fibres (160 total).

If you find 160 fibres just a bit too much, feel free to cut off some of the fibers at the base. You could cut it down to 100-140 fibers – experiment and have fun discovering your perfect PixelWhip look and feel!

Sold individually with drawstring carrying bag.  PixelWhip light module not included.