Pair of Gora Hand Candles – Fire Palms


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Brand: Gora


These beautifully designed hand candles by Gora, a Hungarian fire prop manufacturer that specialises in bizarre and exotic performance gear.

These fire palms are ideal for belly dancers looking to add another dimension to their show or for those moments when you wish it appeared as though there was a ball of fire in your palm.  The great thing is that the fire is simply at the end of your hand, so there is little need to learn any new “tech” with the prop.  You can just dance with them.

Their construction includes thick leather components, which protects the hands from fire when in use.  They are very light and easily fit onto the palm .  Leather hand grips are used to hold the ‘candles’ securely  in place allowing you complete freedom of movement.  These hand candles creates the illusion of having a fire ball in the palm of your hand which is ideal for taking your performance to the next level.

The wicks are cute little meticulously sewn cathedral heads.  25mm wide by 30mm long.

The Fire Palm is fixed by a leather band to the fingers.  Please be careful when turning the candle upside down.  Also ensure that you always keep the leather parts away from paraffin!

Always use caution when playing with hand candles.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • The wicks are made from quality Kevlar® aramid fibre
  • These hand candles comes in pairs
  • wicks are attached with screws

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 300gr per pair
  • Length: from palm end to wick end – 13cm
  • Wick length: 30mm
  • Wick width: 25mm