Facehugger 6-wick Fire Tech Fans by Flow DNA

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6-wick Facehugger fire fans designed and produced by Flow DNA.  The gap between the middle wicks provides a nifty space for arm-folding tech.  After 3 years of design and beta testing, we’re finally happy to say that this is the final version.

Machine cut, hand finished, and hand-sewn wicks.

Please note:
Our products are made to order and a lead time of 6-8 weeks.  If you ask us when they’ll be “in stock” , we will not be able to give you an accurate answer.  We’re making things as fast as we can.
The current photos are from older versions.  We’re working on updating photos.
Sold as a pair

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Our 6-wick Fire Tech Fans, with wooden handles.  Codenamed “Facehuggers” for their Gigeresque reminiscence of them cute little alien creatures we all love, as well as their design focus on arm-hugging inversions and folding tech.

This shape is an example of one of those times when a customer wants something enough to email us for what they want.  Duncan designed these fans for one particular person who wanted to have 6-wick fire fans in our organic style with a gap between the front wicks so she would have space to do arm folds with them.  Duncan also then discovered that he could add features like hooky-catchy tech vibes, and really liked what came out of it, so he decided to make this a standard option.


Little Ring (38mm / 1.5″):
(AKA Extra-box-tech grip for USA styles)
We added these grips after realizing that some extra-techy spinners really want to put their 2 fingers into smaller holes.  If you’re one of those people, and you prefer to do boxy-techy things with a tighter fit for your 2 fingers, then these are the grips for you.

Small Ring (51mm / 2″):
(AKA Box-tech grip for USA styles)
These are made to fit 3 fingers, or 2 large fingers.
If you like to perform box-techy manipulations that involve more jerky movements where you need to stall the fans at specific angles, then this is the grip for you.

Extra Medium Ring (63.5mm / 2.5″):
(AKA The Goldilocks Grip)
These are made for big hands with 3 fingers, or petite hands with 4 fingers.
Slightly more techy than the medium ring.  Slightly more finger space than the small-ring.   Possibly just right for the most in-between of all tech styles.

Medium-Ring (76mm / 3″):
(AKA Hybrid-tech grip for Jack-of-all styles)
These are made for 4 fingers, or 3 very large fingers. Having more ring to hold on to is better for swinging/weaving techniques and tosses than the small-ring grips, while there is still enough flat handle space to hold onto for stalls and plane-switches. This grip is trying to be the best of both worlds.

Big-Ring (89mm / 3.5″):
(AKA momentum tech for Russian styles)
If you prefer to spin your fans in a continuous flow, performing lots of weaves and fountains, or if you want to do a lot of tosses with your fans, then you want a nice big ring. A large hand-hole allows for wilder spinning momentum-tech movements, and is easier to catch in the air. Box-tech stalling and tutting/switching is less easy with this grip, but still possible, and the squared handle helps with that.

Available with coloured handles for an additional fee.  Please note that custom painted grips will take longer to produce.


  • 6 wicks made from 38mm (1.5″) high quality Kevlar, sewn with thread rather than screwed on, for minimal exposed metal.
  • The gap between the middle wicks allows space for arm folding and inversion techniques.
  • Bonus feature! You can hook, balance, and flip the middle wicks into the holes on the frame!! (not easy… possibly pointless… but super fun!!!)
  • Wooden grips finished like a custom guitar for maximum comfort, using fire resistant sealants.
  • Single-piece aluminium frames composited into the wooden grips.
  • Frames Geometrically shaped for making box-grid techy patterns.
  • Grips shaped for optimal finger placement, and layering at 90 degree increments.
  • Weight balanced so the centre of mass matches with the centre of the Flow DNA logo.
  • Side wicks aligned for wick balances, with the centre-of-mass directly between them.
  • Middle wicks aligned directly forwards for wick-balancing both middle wicks together.
  • Centre shaped for easier fishtails (careful though.  The flames and metal gets hot.  Wear gloves if you like fishtails)
  • Flips and tosses become easier and more visually appealing with this centre-balanced design.*
  • Made from engineering-quality materials.  They can take a serious beating!*
  • Available with coloured handles – you can even add sparkles if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂

* While this birch plywood will not break unless you try really hard, we do not recommend juggling on harsh surfaces like bricks and concrete, as the drops may cause chips and marks on your fans.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: +/- 405g (14.28oz) per fan
  • Width: 585mm (23″)
  • Length: 375mm (14.76″)
  • Grip material: 10mm (3/8″) aviation-grade birch plywood
  • Frame material: 6mm (1/4″) aluminium
  • Wicks: 38mm (1.5″) Kevlar flat wick.

We make slight adjustments to the design with every iteration we make, so you might receive something different to the photos on this product page.

*****  Very Important *****

Please do not dip your wooden handles into any fuel.  It might mess up the luthiery-style finish.  Use a dry cloth to clean it, if you accidentally spill on the handle.

Also please do not dip your hand-crafted custom guitars into any liquid.  That would be silly.

Also also, do not hug your actual face with fire cos that could go very badly.


Always use caution when playing with fire.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions50 × 35 × 5 cm
Grip Style

Little Ring (38mm/1.5"), Small Ring (51mm/2"), Extra Medium Ring (63.5mm/2.5"), Medium Ring (76mm/3"), Big Ring (89mm/3.5")

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Image #1 from Susan
Image #1 from Susan


The look wicked, specialy during and after first burn :-))

Image #1 from Susan
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    The look wicked, specialy during and after first burn :-))

    Image #1 from Susan
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Facehugger 6-wick Fire Tech Fans by Flow DNA Facehugger 6-wick Fire Tech Fans by Flow DNA
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