Pyropixies Elemental Ribbon Poi


Colourful, soft and cushioned Ribbon Poi, perfect for beginners and children.

Sold as a pair

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These brightly coloured ribbon poi are ideal for beginners and kids.  Pyropixies Elemental Ribbon Poi consist of a weighted and padded head with short multi-coloured ribbon tails.  They have a double nylon finger loop attached to a tough cord that connect the head to the handle.  Just before the head is a swivel to reduce tangling of the ribbons.

The colours are….

  • Cosmic : Purple head – pink, purple, blue ribbons
  • Fire : Red head – orange, yellow, red ribbons
  • Earth : Yellow head – light blue, green, yellow ribbons
  • Aqua : Blue head – blue, light blue, white ribbons only

These are similar to the Spiral Poi, but are a little bit easier to control, as the ribbons get in the way less.  We find that the tails of these poi, along with the Spiral Poi, seem not to get tangled as easily as other tail poi, especially when stalling.  This makes us happy.

Pyropixies Elemental Ribbon Poi are hand made in India by a community of family and friends who are paid fairly and enjoy good working conditions.


  • Colourful ribbon tails.
  • Soft padded heads.
  • Head connected by swivel.
  • Strong nylon cords.
  • Double finger loop handles.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight per pair: 125g
  • Poi Length (from handle to end head): 65cm