Oddballs Multi-Function Rechargeable LED Pro Poi


A pair of multi-function rechargeable LED poi from Oddballs.
They charge by a micro-USB cable like a cellphone.

Remember to charge your LED props!

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Brand: Oddballs


Oddballs has given their multi-function LED poi a serious upgrade, introducing the Multi-Function Rechargeable LED Pro Poi!

The convenience of a rechargeable LED poi set, without having to break the bank.  With the Multi-Function Rechargeable LED Pro Poi you can now charge your poi almost anywhere using a standard micro USB charger cable and a laptop, power pack or outlet.  Counter sunk LED units protect the switch and charging point.

The super soft 70mm heads are soft, durable and give excellent light diffusion, making these their brightest poi yet.  “Flow leash” handles make them extremely comfortable and smooth with adjustable cords.  No.9 swivels also allow for orbitals.

11 Functions:

  • Mode 1: Slow colour fade. Morphing through all 8 colours
  • Mode 2: Alternating Colour change.
  • Mode 3: 8 Colour Strobe
  • Mode 4: Solid Red
  • Mode 5: Solid Green
  • Mode 6: Solid Blue
  • Mode 7: Solid Yellow
  • Mode 8: Solid Indigo
  • Mode 9: Solid Purple
  • Mode 10: Solid Orange
  • Mode 11: Solid White

These LED poi are perfect for beginners and children, or anyone who is looking to get multi-function LED poi on a budget.  This is a reliable and affordable LED light toy.

For some simpler LED poi, check out the Firetoys Slow Fade LED Poi.


  • High quality cords with single-loop handles.
  • Easy cord length adjustment.
  • No.9 Swivels at the handle for orbitals.
  • Light diffusing outer surface.
  • Single button for switching on/off and changing modes.
  • Rechargeable with a micro USB cable.
  • 11 modes to choose from.
  • Comes in a UV coloured nylon drawstring bag.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Does not come with a cable, but is compatible with any micro USB cable.

Tech Specs

  • 70mm diameter soft plastic ball
  • Charging time: 30-40 min
  • Play time: 30-40min
  • Weight: 92g per poi, including ball and cord