Pyropixies Spiral Poi


Very popular around the globe, nice and soft for beginners, and their fluttery tails look great!

Sold as a pair

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The extremely popular Spiral Poi are a good choice for beginners even though the tails are quite long.  The long tails can make spinning a bit more tricky by getting in the way, but they also increase drag, which makes the poi spin a bit slower.  A big plus to the long tails is that they look fantastic flying through the air.

Soft heads connected to a tough cord by a sturdy swivel ensure minimal tangling of the tails.  The cord is then connected to a nylon double finger loop.

We find that the tails of the spiral poi get tangled into the head much less than other tail poi, especially when stalling, which is a big plus for us!

The community of family and friends who make these poi by hand are paid fairly and enjoy good working conditions.


  • Colourful, lightweight nylon scarf tail.
  • Soft padded heads.
  • Head connected by swivel.
  • Strong nylon cords.
  • Double finger loop handles.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight per pair: 150g
  • Poi Length (from handle to end head): 61cm