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Play 70mm Poseidon Fire Poi – With Silicone Swinging Knobs


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Poseidon Fire Poi are the latest fire poi development from Play.  Made using 100% Puro Kevlar® and their innovative quick replacement mechanism.  These fire poi will last for plenty of burns and are a cinch to upgrade to fresh Kevlar® when the time comes.

The chain rig setup for these poi consists of a thin yet impressively strong link chain, smooth swivels and a silicone swinging knob.   Between the silicone knob “Hyper Handle” and the swivel, is a soft convenient cord that is more comfortable than chain on fingers.  This can be used to wrap around your fingers and shorten the poi.  It’s almost as if Play Juggling though of everything and made the perfect chain rig for a tech poi spinner.

Always use caution when playing with Poseidon Fire Poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • “Hyper Handles” with silicone ball knobs and comfortable cords and swivels.
  • Smooth twisted oval link welded chain.
  • Innovative quick wick replacement mechanism.

Tech Specs

  • Puro Kevlar® width 70mm
  • Chain length including handle: 71cm
  • Total length:  78cm
  • Weight:  175g per poi (including head, chain, and handle)