50mm x 3mm Para-Aramid Flat Wick from Firetoys (per metre)


A 50m x 3mm thick Kevlar® fire wick from Firetoys

Sold by the metre.
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A 50m x 3mm thick Kevlar® fire wick, based around the durable Kevlar ® organic (para-aramid) fibre, enhanced with non-irritating cloting grade fibreglass yarn.  The continuous filament fibre is brilliant at balancing absorbency, strength, durability, fire rating and user comfort.

This wick creates a capillary effect for soaking fuel and transferring it out to the flame, and does not contain any asbestos or any sharp or skin burning metallic thread.


Sold by the metre.


  • Para-Aramid based webbing
  • Non-stretch
  • Non-irritating
  • Absorbent, strong and durable
  • No asbestos or skin burning metallic thread
  • Comfortable and does not heat up

Tech Specs

  • 50mm x 3mm thick Kevlar® fire wick