Single Juggling Ball – Juggle Dream 70g ‘Thud’



The Juggle Dream 70g Thud Juggling Ball is smaller and lighter than standard juggling balls.   They are much better quality than what you would usually find in a kids toys shop.  These juggling balls are machine stitched with a glossy stretch material, and have a nice squeeze to them.   They are called “Thuds” because they thud when they hit the ground, and do not roll away.

These smaller thuds are available because some jugglers like them for numbers juggling, as the smaller size means you can hold more balls in your hands, and there is slightly less chance of air collisions.  For beginners we would recommend a heavier juggling ball, as they have more weight to them, making them easier to catch.  We’ve been playing with them in the office for a while, and we find the lighter weight is just fine for us, although heavier balls do have a more solid feeling.

They can also be used as weights for sock poi.

Sold individually.


  • 4-panel factory-made juggling ball
  • Available in various single colours

Tech Specs

  • 57mm ball diameter
  • 70g ball weight
  • Sterilised Seed filling