Pair of Empty Juggle Dream Poi Socks


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Brand: Juggle Dream


These poi socks are simple but classic. Made from stretchy (but not too stretchy) UV fabric.  They’re ideal for hyperloops, isolations and other advanced technical poi moves.  Because they’re soft and forgiving with tangles, they’re great for beginners, and learning at pretty much any level.

One of the benefits of poi socks is that they take up hardly any space, and can fit in your pocket nicely.

Sold empty, without weights.

There is a side opening that allows you to any kind of weight into them that you want, such as hacky sacks, juggling balls, LED products, or anything else you like.  We also sell a set of the same sock poi with 70g juggling ball weights, in a drawstring bag.

Wrap the soft tails around your hands and go spinning!


  • Socks made from stretchy UV fabric.
  • Side opening allows you to insert things like tennis balls, hacky sacks, LED products or anything else you can imagine!

Tech specs

  • Length: 55cm