Play SIL-X Stage Ball – 100mm


A super grippy, slightly squishy, filled with liquid silicone for contact stability, 100mm stage ball from Play.


Play Sil-x 100mm Juggling Stage Balls.  These stage balls, partially filled with liquid silicone, give a good contact stability on very high throws and make balances, foot and neck catches much easier.  This 100mm version of the Sil-X ball is amazing for body rolls and has become very popular amongst contact jugglers.  The latest generation of the Play Sil-X stage ball has a very slight matt feel which feels lovely in the palm.  This stage contact juggling ball is slightly squishy but still perfectly round.  The 100mm stage ball has an ultra grippy surface texture that provides ample grip for even the most demanding body rolling contact manipulation.

At 300g they are a great alternative to other, harder stage balls.

These come highly recommended for intermediate/advanced contact jugglers.

Sold individually


  • Super grippy texture
  • Highly recommended for intermediate/advanced jugglers.
  • Great for body rolling
  • Available in a range of colours including UV options.

Tech Specs:

  • Width: 100mm diameter
  • Weight: 300g
  • Liquid slilcone filing