FireTribe Fire Poi


Fire poi designed to maximise fuel absorption, thus creating a longer burn, and minimising potential weak points making them remarkably durable.



Locally made FireTribe Fire Poi.  These cylinder head fire poi are a great option if you’re new to spinning fire. Each head is wrapped with aramid fibre wick and attached directly to a oval link chain.  The fact that they don’t have quicklinks connecting the chains to the fire head makes for a streamlined rig.

The double loop handles can be adjusted along the length of the chain for your preferred length, and each set comes with its own handy dipping and storage tin (though we don’t recommend travelling with your paraffin in it).

FireTribe has been making Fire Poi since 2000 and we’ve since perfected our style of cylindrical fire poi. The poi’s design is aimed at maximising fuel absorption, thus creating a longer burn, and minimising potential weak points making them remarkably durable.

The amount of wick used determines how much fuel can be absorbed, which then effects the weight of the soaked poi, the flame size and its total burn time. Choosing a weight depends on your poi experience, your physical strength and stamina and how much fuel you want to soak up.

Optional Swivels

Swivels are essential for some advanced, tangle poi moves such as Orbitals. They are not essential for the vast majority of poi spinning, but do contribute to a smoother experience. If you do choose swivels, you will need a pair of split ring pliers in order to adjust the length of your chains.

Please Note

We recommend that you do not practise with your fire equipment and only use it when lit. Rather use practice poi to practise with. This will help to extend the life of your fire equipment and keep your practice sessions clean and fuel-free.

Always use caution when playing with fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Light (Light): For people who have a smaller frame, or are just starting out.
  • Medium (Orange): Good all-round weight (if you’re not sure, then these are the ones for you).
  • Heavy (Red): Heavy, with a bigger flame and longer burn time. Requires more muscle.
  • Extra Heavy:  Entering badass territory. For if you have the muscle and skill to manipulate massive balls of flame.


  • A proprietary blend of aramid-fibre wick.
  • Oval-twist link chain.
  • Double loop nylon handles.
  • Storage/dipping tin.

Tech Specs

  • Light – 50cm of 7.5cm wide wick fabric (at least 5min burn time)
  • Medium – 75cm of 7.5cm wide wick fabric
  • Heavy – 100cm of 7.5cm wide wick fabric
  • Extra Heavy – 150cm of 7.5cm wide wick fabric (up to 15min burn time)
  • 63cm total length (handle, chain and fire head).