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A high-quality set of UK-made and tested Classic Fire Poi!  TechPro Classic Fire Poi feature removable 65mm high-quality para-aramid wicks with no fibreglass or copper mesh.  The comfortable Technora cords and Pro Silicone Poi Handles, with integrated bearing swivels, make this set of poi a joy to spin.

This set is suitable for beginners and experienced spinners.

Sold as a pair.

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These quality fire poi are a modern Classic fire poi design. The 65mm wick has no central metal core, so these poi feature a decent size flame making these fire poi ideal for all levels: not so big, they make poi spinning daunting but large enough to have a good impact on stage. Depending on how fast you spin, the burn time is 4+ mins. Enough to enjoy the sound and feel of fire flow, but not so much to tire you out!
The heads on these poi weigh 75g each (without fuel) and will suit beginners and experienced spinners who prefer a faster flow. Throws feel good and will land gently in the hand, compared to our heavier fire poi.
The poi heads are removable thanks to a quick link that attaches them to the heatshield chain. All the bolts are countersunk on the fire heads, minimising exposed metal, reducing the chance of burns and making them one of the safest fire poi on the market.

These quality fire poi are a modern Classic fire poi design.

The handles are a pair of Glow in the Dark Pro Silicone Poi Handles. This handle is perfect because it is very comfortable, durable, and allows for easy throws, catches, and counterweight moves like gunslingers! The handles feature an integrated bearing for smooth swivelling and enable the cord length to be quickly and easily adjusted to fit anyone.

The cord/leash is a top-quality 5mm 12 strand Technora rope. Technora feels great to spin; it’s not clunky like a chain, so it performs much more like your set of daytime poi. It’s very comfortable to grip and perfect for moves like wrist wraps and gunslingers.

Technora has no melting point, high heat stability, low heat conductivity, and low flammability. When exposed to fire, the material ceases to burn as soon as it is removed from the flame! These heat-resistant properties are combined with high tensile strength, abrasion and fatigue resistance, as well as no stretch.  An oval chain heatshield for extra safety and longevity. This reduces the chance of accidentally dipping the Technora leash in the fuel.  It also prevents fuel transfer from the poi head to the leash if the poi are placed on the ground.

TechPro Classic Fire Poi are a set of fire poi for all abilities but are particularly well suited to spinners who like a faster spinning style.

Tech Specs:

  • Total length (adjustable): 66cm (26″)
  • Poi head weight (no fuel): 75g
  • Assembled poi weight (no fuel): 114g
  • Cord: 5mm 12 Strand Technora
  • Wick: 65mm

Firetoys Tech Pro Firepoi specs