Flow-wand® mini by Flowtoys


A mini flow-wand made for kids!  They’re smaller and lighter so the little ones can play too 🙂


A levi-wand for the li’l ones! The flow-wand® mini is designed for kids and smaller wanderers.  Minis are 56cm (22″) long and available in classic and silver sparkle.

The short string wand comes with a swiveled finger loop, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up – necessary for double wand play and practice.


  • each wand is made by hand in the USA and perfectly-balanced
  • short string wands come with a swiveled finger loop made from custom tubular webbing looped through itself and melted in to a custom swivel, enabling you to move freely without worrying about string tangling up
  • well-weighted fiberglass core is extremely strong & durable, will not warp with humidity or temperature
  • braided Teflon-coated nylon wand string is stronger & far more durable than invisible magician’s thread, allowing you to experiment with more active wand play
  • black wand string will catch and reflect less light than white, silver & gray string or fishing line = more magic to your movement
  • several beautiful holographic tape options that create mesmerizing optical illusions in daylight
  • a layer of clear heat shrink protects the entire wand, enhancing the luster of the tape and protecting it against bubbles & peeling
  • string holes are hand-drilled, beveled, cleaned, and finished with hand tools for smooth wand flow with no string-catching or tearing
  • each flow-wand® is finished with tiny clear clear caps to protect the ends from bumps and impacts and ensure no fiberglass or tape is exposed

Tech Specs:

  • Wand length: 22″ (56cm)
  • Wand diameter: 3/8″ (0.95cm)
  • Materials:
    Fiberglass core, holographic tape, clear heat shrink, braided Teflon-coated nylon black string, finger loops made from tubular webbing & custom swivels, vinyl end caps
  • Wand String:
    String length is measured from the center of the wand to the end of the string – so the actual length of raw material is twice as long.  If you are interested in both long- and short string wand, we recommend getting an extra string pack, removing the finger loop, and using a half hitch to add a long loop of string to convert your short string wand to a long string wand.  To convert back to short string, you can remove the long string loop and re-install the swiveled finger loop.  Flowtoys uses braided Teflon-coated nylon ice fishing line that is a lot more durable. Short-string flow-wands come with a swiveled finger loop – a key feature for wand usability and performance, as the swivel enables you to move freely without having to account for the string twisting up.  For the swivel finger loop, they use a custom made tubular webbing carefully looped through itself and melted in to a custom swivel.  Long-string wands do not include a finger loop, as it’s not necessary for long string practice.  If your string breaks for any reason, you can replace it easily with extra string from us, or any strong button or upholstery thread or braided fishing line.  You can also use invisible thread or fishing line if you wish.  “Clear” string often appears more visible as it catches and reflects the light.  It’s also less comfortable and gets tangled easily, but there might be occasions where it’s appropriate.  Feel free to experiment!