Pro Plaited Snake Fire Poi by Firetoys


High-quality set of Pro Plaited Snake Fire Poi!

Extreme flames, heavy weight, controlled, long lasting!

Recommended for experienced spinners only.

Sold as a pair.

Available on Backorder

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Brand: Firetoys


Firetoys Plaited Fire Snakes, like their Straight Fire Snakes, create fantastic fire displays.  Unlike normal fire poi, fire snakes produce blades, or wings, of fire that are sure to impress any audience.  Due to the large flame size and the heavy weight when soaked, we advise that only experienced performers use these props.



Each poi has a huge wick surface area allowing for massive amounts of fuel to be soaked.  This ultimately leads to a large burn time and expanded arcs of flame.  The heads on these poi weigh 160g each (without fuel) making them heavy.  Accordingly, these poi are best suited for experienced spinners who can handle heavy fire props with extra large flames.  Therefore it is not recommended for beginner use.


Each poi has a nylon double finger handle for better comfort and control when swinging away.  This allows for confidence in the structural integrity of the poi, giving you some peace of mind amidst the forest of flames they produce.  The nylon is also non-fraying, and therefore will last much longer if taken care of.


Tough and long lasting, #15 ball chain keeps your precious hands and fingers away from the fire.  Allowing for the heads to swivel, the chains can bring a new dimension to the burn.  They are connected to the fire rope wick through a very sturdy low friction eye ring, keeping structural integrity and safety when spinning.  None the less, always remember to check your props before you burn!


  • Each snake poi is made from over 180cm (6′) of 9mm fire rope and topped off with a head comprised of 50cm of 65mm wick
  • The total flammable area measures a whopping 30cm (12″)
  • A 15cm (6″) length of tough #15 ball chain
  • Non-fraying nylon double finger handles attached to the chain with sturdy triangle quicklinks
  • Oval quicklinks connecting the chain to the wick
  • Includes a fire safety booklet


  • Total Length: 65cm (26″)
  • Total Weight:  160g/poi (no fuel)
  • Rope Wick: 180cm (6′) of 9mm fire rope
  • Head Wick: 50cm (19.6″) of 65mm flat wick
  • Chain: 15cm (6″) of #15 ball chain
  • Handles: Non-fraying nylon double finger handles