Echo Glow Juggling Ball – Set of 3 – 120g – 20 Function


Bright, durable USB rechargeable LED glow juggling balls.The LEDs on these balls have 20 functions, easily operated by a single button. The price is for a set of 3 balls and includes a 3 way micro-USB cable.

Set of 3

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Unleash Your Juggling Brilliance: Echo Glow Balls

Ignite your passion for juggling and light up every throw with the Echo Glow Juggling Balls. This set of three is the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, designed for both beginners and seasoned jugglers alike. Each 120g ball is carefully crafted to offer a consistent weight and feel, ensuring a smooth juggling experience. As dusk falls and the world dims, your performance doesn’t have to. The Echo Glow Balls come alive with vibrant colors, transforming your routine into a mesmerizing spectacle. With their durable construction and bright, eye-catching illumination, these balls will be the highlight of any event, captivating audiences and inspiring fellow jugglers to reach new heights.

Elevate Your Skills: 20 Modes, USB Rechargeable

Step into the future of juggling with Echo Glow Balls’ 20 stunning light modes. From soft glows to intense strobes, each mode is designed to complement your movements and enhance your performances. These modes are not just for show – they provide visual feedback that can help you refine your technique and rhythm. The Echo Glow Balls are also thoughtfully engineered for convenience, featuring USB rechargeability for hours of continuous use. Gone are the days of disposable batteries and interrupted practice sessions; a single charge brings you endless nights of glowing throws. Whether you’re preparing for a competition, entertaining a crowd, or perfecting your craft in solitude, these balls ensure that your skills – and your showmanship – never stop shining.


– Set of three professional-grade juggling balls
– Each ball weighs 120g, ideal for comfortable handling
– 20 distinct light functions to dazzle and impress
– USB rechargeable for eco-friendly, continuous use
– Durable design to withstand drops and impacts
– Suitable for jugglers of all skill levels

Tech Specs

Weight: Each ball 120g
Diameter: Standard juggling ball size
Light Modes: 20 functions including solid colors, fades, and strobes
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion via USB
Material: High-quality, resilient silicone
Charging Time: Approximately 1.5 hours for a full charge
Play Time: Up to 5 hours on a single charge (may vary by light mode)
Package Contents: 3 Echo Glow Juggling Balls, USB charging cable, instruction manual
Color Options: Multiple, depending on selected light mode