Void Space

Void Space is a UK-based manufacturer of bespoke fire performance props. They use high quality materials and modern construction methods to build their products. They also make clothing, and offer services for graphic design, entertainment, art installations, and lessons.

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  • Voidspace Flatwick 45cm

    Void Space Fire Poi – 50mm Flatwick Sushi with Technora Tethers


    Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi with Technora Leashes from VoidSpace!  No more chains!  This is a pair of high-quality fire poi with a Technora leash, and a sushi-wrapped head made from 50mm 100% Kevlar flatwick.  Technora is the current international standard material for poi tethers, as it is lighter and more comfortable than chain, and it doesn’t heat up and burn your skin like metal would.

    These are particularly suitable for beginners, and anyone who wants the most comfortable possible fire poi spinning experience with small flames.

    Sold as a pair.

    Please remember to keep your Technora tethers away from the fuel while dipping, as it may catch on fire if it gets dipped.  


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