VoidSpace Fire Poi – 50mm Flatwick Sushi with Technora Tethers


Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi with Technora Leashes from VoidSpace!  No more chains!  This is a pair of high-quality fire poi with a Technora leash, and a sushi-wrapped head made from 50mm 100% Kevlar flatwick.  Technora is the current international standard material for poi tethers, as it is lighter and more comfortable than chain, and it doesn’t heat up and burn your skin like metal would.

These are particularly suitable for beginners, and anyone who wants the most comfortable possible fire poi spinning experience with small flames.

Sold as a pair.

Please remember to keep your Technora tethers away from the fuel while dipping, as it may catch on fire if it gets dipped.  


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Brand: VoidSpace


Introducing Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi with Technora Leashes!

Experience the thrill of poi spinning like never before with cutting-edge Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi.  These mesmerizing poi sets are designed to captivate and ignite your passion for fire arts. But what sets them apart is the revolutionary Technora leashes that take your spinning experience to new heights.

Technora is here to redefine durability and performance.  Crafted from advanced aramid fibre, Technora boasts exceptional properties that make it a game-changer in the world of fire poi.

With a temperature resistance slightly higher than Kevlar, Technora can withstand intense heat and flames, decomposing only at a scorching 932°F. This means you can push your spinning limits without worrying about the safety and durability of your poi leashes – forgetting about chains altogether.

Technora’s remarkable tensile strength further enhances its reliability. With 2,500 PSI at 1/8″ diameter, 5,000 PSI at 3/16″ diameter, and a whopping 7,300 PSI at 1/4″ diameter, these leashes can endure the most demanding spinning sessions. Say goodbye to frayed or weakened leashes and embrace the confidence of a sturdy and resilient poi set.

But it doesn’t stop there – Technora also excels in high abrasion and fatigue resistance.  This means your Technora leashes will endure countless spins, maintaining their strength and integrity over time. No more worrying about frequent replacements or compromised performance.  With Technora, you’ll have a long-lasting companion for your fire poi journey.

Since we introduced the concept of aramid tethers to South Africans several years ago, we’ve become increasingly confident that Technora’s outstanding properties will revolutionize the local fire arts community.  The Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi with Technora Leashes combines innovation, durability, and safety in a stunning package that will leave you spellbound.

So, whether you’re a seasoned poi spinner looking for an upgrade or a curious beginner eager to explore the fire arts, these Flatwick Sushi 50mm Fire Poi with Technora Leashes is the perfect choice.  Elevate your spinning game and embark on a fiery adventure like never before.


  • Px3 Handles.
  • Technora leashes.
  • Heavy duty split ring head attachment.
  • 100% pure Kevlar

Tech Specs:

  • Length – 65cm / 45cm
  • Wick dimensions – 2” x 2”
  • Head weight – 50g
  • Total weight per poi – 160g
Do not submerge Technora leashes into fuel.
In the event that fuel is soaked into tethers, put out the flames and leave to evaporate fuel in tethers.
Always use caution when playing with Fire.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.