Threeworlds Fusion Aluminium Handle


The handle is at the heart of Fusion revolutionary collapsible, modular staff range. Simply twist the handle clockwise to set up either a Fire Staff or Glow Staff.

Sold individually

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Brand: Threeworlds Fusion


The handle is at the heart of  the Threeworlds Fusion revolutionary collapsible, modular staff range.  Simply twist the handle clockwise to set up either a Fire Staff or Glow Staff.


  • 1 x Fusion Aluminium Handle (You will need 2 X staff ends to make a full staff rig).

Fusion Modular System

Compact for Travel

Like all Fusion Staffs, they set up in seconds by simply twisting the handle. The key to the system is the highly engineered patented locking mechanism that’s simple to use and provides superior strength with no wobble or rattle – That’s super important for a balanced flow.

Fusion handle compact for travel.

The kit is super compact – packing down to about one-third its size when disassembled. With the solidly machined connector, it has no moving parts and collapses down instantly.

Fusion handle twist, instructions.


The Fusion system is totally modular and has been designed to fit any 22mm tubing, which means you can swap the ends to glow, fire, contact, or dragon ends.

Fusion Interchangeable Staff Parts


Strong Aluminium Tubing

Made from extruded 7075 Aluminium tube.  Better than any aluminium tube you will find in South Africa – The kind they would use to make space shuttles.  It’s the perfect balance between weight and strength, which means you’ll enjoy this staff for years.

Grip Options:


Gripped with Silicone for a long-lasting grippy feel.

Silicone is an environmentally sound, clean product.  It’s washable and very durable.  It’s the longest-lasting grip and provides excellent grip when dry.  It is also fully washable so you can keep your props looking and feeling good as new.  It is the grippiest of all the grips when dry but it does suffer when wet.  Occasional wipe-downs during your practice might be needed to keep it dry.

Silicone Pros and Cons
+ Extremely long-lasting – you won’t have to replace it often
+ Excellent grip in dry conditions
+ Fully washable to keep it looking and feeling new
+ Transparent so you can see markers underneath for more precise spinning

– Doesn’t handle wet conditions/sweat well. You may have to wipe it down with a dry cloth occasionally during use.


Gripped with EPDM for a grippy and comfortable feel.

EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber known for its durability against environmental wear and tear.  The foam is soft and grippy grippy, with all the hard-wearing benefits, and stays grippy in most situations – even when wet.  It does leave some black residue on the skin after use as the foam is uncoated to maximise grip and it will need to be replaced after a while once it wears out.  It has a cushioned feel with a 2mm thickness, perfect for softening catches, this makes it great for beginners and experienced spinners alike.  It is also user-replaceable at home with EPDM Grip available per meter.

EPDM Pros and Cons
+ Great level of grip
+ Grippy in wet or dry conditions
+ User replaceable at home

– Wears out – you will have to replace this grip after a while
Leaves black residue on the skin

Tech Specs

  • Weight = EPDM Weight: 240g, Silicone Weight: 258g
  • Tube length: 40cm
  • Handle length including connections: 56cm
  • Handle width with grip: 25mm

Fusion Troubleshooting

Experiencing issues with your Fusion Staff?
Watch videos on some troubleshooting tips for your Fusion Products Fusion Troubleshooting