Threeworlds Fusion Dragon Staff – 6-spoke Collapsible Aluminium 7075


A collapsible Fusion Dragon Staff by Threeworlds with aluminium 7075 shafts that break down into 3 pieces, F3 Dragon hubs and your choice of either fire spokes or dragon claws.


Threeworlds is often considered the best makers of collapsible dragon staffs on the planet.  Fusion is an interconnected system of modular fire/LED/practice staffs and dragons.

There are so many options of staff rigs.  We’ve preselected this dragon rig with silicone grip, aluminium 7075 shafts, and F3 hubs with 6-spokes as an example of a standard dragon rig.  This is the Threeworlds value dragon setup, more robust and slightly heavier than carbon fibre shafts, for spinners who push their props to their limit.

If you’d like to make a custom setup, or add to the rigs you already have, you can buy parts separately.  Ask us if you’d like something specific.

Length Selection Guide

Staff length selection guide

Staff length selection guide

The most common length for a Dragon Staff is anywhere between eye height and chin height.  Either measure from the ground to your eyes or you can deduct 150mm from your height.