Silk Veil Poi (1.35m) by Winged Sirenny


Silk poi made with 100% hand made pure silk! A wonder to watch and a joy to flow with, these poi bring a beautiful new dimension to your dance!

Sold individually.


Silk Veil Poi bring a new dimension to daytime poi dancing.  By creating a combination of classic poi with silk fans, we have gratefully been given a prop which dazzles all who gaze upon your dance.

The silk fabric has gone through a post-treatment that fixes the colors, giving it a silky sheen.  Hand dyed with vibrant colors bring out smooth gradations on the silk, and are wonderfully soft to the touch.  Made of 100% genuine 5mm lightweight real silk, allowing the fabric to flow freely and effortlessly.

Use and care

We strongly recommend steam ironing the silks when you receive them.  When the wrinkles are gone, they will flow much better.  Avoid washing.  Keep them away from water (rain, beach).  Let them dry before storing them in a bag.

Carry bags included

Your Silk Veil Poi will be accompanied by its own personal carry bag, with a zipper, made of breathable fabric that provides better protection for your soft silks.



  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel chain with clip swivels on each end
  • 100% Pure silk
  • All edges of the silk fabric are well stitched to prevent fraying and extend the life of the silk.
  • 100% hand-made.

Tech Specs

  • Lightweight head
  • Chain: 70cm (27.5″)
  • x3 clip swivels
  • Silk: 135cm (53″) length, 62cm (24.5″) width
  • Double loop finger handles


Sold individually.