Ball Bearing Swivel (various sizes)


A ball bearing swivel for poi spinners.  Sizes and specs may vary slightly, depending on availability.

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A customised heavy grade ball bearing swivel.  Made for deep-sea fishing, and also great for poi spinning!

A secure and very sturdy design, with extra strong rings.  We found these after years of searching for great poi hardware that can be sourced locally.

If you are making your own poi, be it fire poi, LED poi, practice poi, tail poi or even maintaining your old props, these are the swivels you want.

Sold individually. 


  • Super smooth ball-bearing motion prevents twists and reduces tangles in cables, chains and cords.
  • Perfect for Orbitals and Hyperloops.

Tech Specs:

  • Length: 32mm
  • Ring outside diameter: 10mm
  • Ring inside diameter: 7mm
  • Wire diameter of ring: 2mm
  • Breaking point of 100kg.
  • Length: 36mm
  • Ring outside diameter: 11.4mm
  • Ring inside diameter: 7.7mm
  • Wire diameter of ring: 2mm
  • Breaking point of 120kg.
  • Length: 44mm
  • Ring outside diameter: 13.8mm
  • Ring inside diameter: 9.8mm
  • Wire diameter of ring: 2mm
  • Breaking point of 150kg.