Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club


A single Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

Sold individually


The Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club is what you want to take your juggling to the next level.  Once you’ve got the basics down and waxed, you’re going to want a club that’s a bit heavier and more responsive, in this price range there’s not much better than the PX3!

The PX3 Quantum juggling club is one of the original Play Juggling clubs. “PX3” refers to the club’s flexible PVC plastic dowel which can bend slightly under force. The model name Quantum refers to the club body and handle length. The Quantum has a long body and short handle, the same size and proportions as the Henrys Delphine.

All Play Juggling club models were refurbished in 2017. The old tube grip handle and traditional white wrapped handle were replaced with the new Evo Grip (tube handle) and a new flat cap. The PX3 is very durable. No staples, no tape, no glue. This club is maintenance-free. The assembly without tape keeps the club looking and feeling new. However, like all juggling clubs they are not unbreakable. To increase the life span of your clubs, do not juggle them frozen or on very hard rough surfaces like cement or asphalt.

This club will surely take your juggling to new heights, and is durable and long-lasting, truly a great investment!


  • Short Flex grip handle
  • Coloured body
  • No tape!
  • Near central balance point
  • PX3 Knob, rubber end

Tech Specs

  • Length: 52cm
  • Weight: 230g