Single Juggle Dream Trainer Juggling Club


A trainer club great for beginners.

Sold individually


So you’re looking to get into club juggling, and you’re tired of throwing around plastic coke bottles?  These are the clubs you want to upgrade to.

The Juggle Dream Trainer juggling club has a reinforced internal construction, with a wrapped handle and EVA foam knobs and tops.  They are built the way that you’d want a juggling club to be built, and yet far less expensive than you might expect.

As a result of their solid construction, these have proven to be very strong and are sold with a 1 year guarantee, great stuff for a trainer juggling club.


  • Short wrapped handle
  • Coloured body
  • Also available in full neon colours (handle is also coloured)
  • EVA Foam Knob and End Cap

Tech Specs

  • Length: 52cm
  • Weight: 200g