Monkey Fist Fire Poi with Chains and Double-Loop Handles


Elevate your fire spinning performance with these 76mm Monkey Fist Fire Poi.  This prop offers optimal safety and impressive burn time.  The monkey fist knot design provides excellent balance and control.

Sold as a pair.

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These 76mm Monkey Fist Fire Poi are spectacular fire spinning props designed for experienced fire performers.  They feature a 76mm monkey fist knot made from a durable blend of fire-resistant Kevlar and fibreglass, ensuring optimal safety and maximum burn time.  The monkey fist design provides excellent balance and control while spinning.  The long chains allow for impressive and mesmerizing fire displays.  Whether you are a professional performer or a fire enthusiast, this fire poi will elevate your performance to the next level.

These Monkey Fists Fire Poi head consists of a 10mm rope wick made a high-quality blend of Kevlar and fibreglass, knotted by hand into a monkey fist, giving you excellent burn times and flame size.  Due to the spherical nature of monkey fists you also get a flame shaped like a ball of fire. As the poi are spun the round flames leave a trail behind them resulting in a beautiful comet-like effect.  Lifetime about 200 burns.

Please note that exact size can vary slightly.

Monkey fists have become globally renowned as the go-to knot for fire poi enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why.  Their unique design provides excellent weight distribution, allowing for smooth and controlled spins, weaves, and tricks.  Experience the perfect balance between fluid motion and captivating displays with these popular fire poi heads.

For added reliability and safety, the Monkey Fists Fire Poi Set comes equipped with stainless steel oval twist-link chains.  These chains are some of the best quality available, and offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring your poi withstands the demands of intense fire-spinning sessions.  The streamlined oval twist-link construction helps to prevent the chains from tangling up when they connect during wraps and orbitals.  Feel confident in your performance knowing that your equipment is built to endure.

To enhance maneuverability, swivels are included on both ends of the poi.  The swivels at the handle end allows us to achieve those super-duper-uber-loops (AKA orbitals) that we all love so much.  Having swivels at the heads makes it possible to perform circular burn-offs with spectacular effect.  They enable effortless spinning, eliminating cord twists and allowing for seamless transitions between moves.  Experience unparalleled freedom of movement and unlock your full potential as a fire spinner.

Tech Specs:

  • Two 10mm Kevlar rope knots – 76mm in diameter
  • Two 58cm chains
  • Double-loop nylon webbing handles on each
  • Swivels at both ends of both chains