Pixelwhip batteries – LC18650 with PCM 2600mAh


Is your PixelWhip turning off very soon after you turn it on?  Perhaps it’s been a few years, and your battery has been recharged hundreds of times, or perhaps you left it uncharged for months during the winter and allowed the battery to deeply drain?  Either way, this is the battery you need to get your PixelWhip shining brightly again.

Also used in certain vapes, torches, and other electrical devices.

Sold individually.

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This is what we recommend as a replacement or spare battery for your PixelWhip.


  • PMC is a protection circuit preventing overcharging and over-discharging of the cell (a requirement for your PixelWhip to work properly – beware of cheap look-a-likes!)
  • 3.7V 2600mAh Li-Ion

Tech Specs:

  • LC18650-26H Li-Ion Cell with protection circuit
  • 3.7V 2600mAh


  • Length: 69mm
  • Diameter: 18mm