Single Juggling Ball – Juggle Dream UV Smoothie



Juggle Dream UV Smoothies are a UV reactive version of the popular Smoothie bean bags. Exceptionally strong stitching and faux leather material make these a durable thud style juggling ball.  They wear in really nicely, gaining softness and character through use.  Made with a smooth and durable UV-reactive material, this ball offers excellent grip and visibility under UV light. Its weight and size are perfect for comfortable and controlled juggling, making it an ideal choice for practicing tricks and routines. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional performer, the Single Juggling Ball – Juggle Dream UV Smoothie is the perfect addition to your juggling equipment collection.

The panels of the Juggle Dream UV Smoothies have a smooth, matt finish and they’ve been filled with sterilised seed.  Their firmness makes them very responsive, and therefore ideal for fast technical juggling.  120g makes a good size for small hands as well as numbers juggling.  These balls are ‘thud’ style juggling balls, so when they hit the ground and don’t roll away!  That means they’re good for practicing beginners.

Sold individually.


  • 4-panel factory-made juggling ball
  • Available in Solid Colour Orange, Green, and Yellow.

Tech Specs

  • 65mm ball diameter
  • 120g ball weight
  • Sterilised Seed filling