Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Plastic Flexi Stick


A flexible, luminous spinning plate for adults and children.

Sold individually with one flexi stick included


The Juggle Dream Spinning Plate is a great prop for children and adults alike.  Measuring 23cm across with a generous lip underneath in which to place your stick.

It is moulded from a single piece of luminous, opaque plastic, the plastic is flexible but will maintain it’s shape even when dropped.  Due to the nature of this plastic it also makes less sound when dropped.

Each spinning plate comes with a 48cm plastic flexi stick with plastic nib.


  • Made from flexible, luminous, opaque plastic
  • Great for adults and children
  • Reduced sound when dropped
  • Comes with flexi stick and nib

Tech Specs:

  • Diameter: 230mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Stick length: 480mm