Gymnastics Twirling Rainbow Ribbon


Create spell-binding patterns to your gymnastics routine or outdoor flow with the vibrant Twirling Rainbow Ribbon –  Gymnastics Grade

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The Gymnastics Twirling Rainbow Ribbon is a vibrant and lightweight Prop perfect for adding flair to gymnastics routines or outdoor play.  Made with high-quality materials, this ribbon measures 5 meters in length and features a rainbow pattern that creates a stunning visual effect as it twirls through the air.  Designed for both beginners and experienced gymnasts, this ribbon is easy to handle and provides endless opportunities for creative and dynamic performances.  Enhance your gymnastics skills and captivate the audience with the Gymnastics Twirling Rainbow Ribbon.

Create spell-binding patterns with this flowing rainbow ribbon.  They can also be used for rhythmic gymnastics, as they are made to the correct competition specifications.

Consists of professional 56cm fiberglass wand and 5 metres of high quality multi-coloured ribbon.


  • Durable fiberglass wand.
  • 5 metres of quality ribbon (adult length) which can be cut shorter and resewn at the end for small children if need be.
  • Colour bands merge to create a shimmering rainbow effect when moving.