Pair of Gora Fire Body Torch


Gora body torches are a unique body prop for fire dancers and acrobats.

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Brand: Gora


Beautifully designed body torches by Gora, a Hungarian fire prop manufacturer that specializes in bizarre and exotic performance gear.

Body torches are fixed to the arms or legs with Velcro straps ,they are a unique body prop for fire dancers and acrobats and make a wonderful set with the hand candles, which are similar in design. You don’t need technical knowledge in juggling to use them and are perfect for a added visual effect, taking the performance to the next level! The body torches can be attached to your upper and lower arms and ankles.

The thick leather circle protects the body from the heat of the flames. The Kevlar head is attached to a long flexible spring wire which ensures that it doesn’t break or bend when hit by a force. This design supports durability and channels less heat towards your body. The wicks are cute little meticulously sewn cathedral heads:  25mm wide by 30mm long.

The Fire torch is fixed by a leather band around the limb.  Please be careful when turning the torch upside down.  Also ensure that you always keep the leather parts away from paraffin!

Always use caution when playing with hand candles.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • The wicks are made from quality Kevlar® aramid fibre
  • Torches comes in pairs
  • wicks are attached with screws

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 300gr per pair
  • Length: (from pad to wick base) – 130mm
  • Length: (from pad to wick end) – 160mm
  • Wick length: 30mm
  • Wick width: 25mm