Uni Poi Knob by Flowtoys


Presenting the new flowtoys “uni” knob! Made of silicone with just the right amount of squish and design details that make it look like a little sea urchin, the uni knob comes standard with our range of LED poi and is designed to fit either 6mm or 10mm leash cord. Great for poi and wand knob handles.

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Uni Knob: Elevate Your Poi Swings

The Uni Knob by Flowtoys is not merely a handle; it’s an innovation designed to augment your poi experience. Crafted for poi enthusiasts who demand precision and comfort, the Uni Knob offers a seamless integration with your flow, enabling you to execute throws, catches, and complex moves with effortless grace. Its ergonomic design ensures the knob fits snugly in the palm, offering a secure grip that enhances control and reduces fatigue. The unique shape of the Uni Knob is meticulously engineered to accommodate a variety of holding styles, making it versatile for different techniques and personal preferences. With the Uni Knob, your poi swings will not only feel more natural but also look more fluid and captivating, taking your performance to new heights.

Comes in 2 leash whole size options:

6mm uni knob: recommended cord: smithy, 6mm ideal, good for 5-14mm thick cord

10mm uni knob: recommended cord: FPC, 10-11mm ideal, good for 9-20mm thick cord


  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and control
  • Fits snugly in the palm for a secure grip
  • Enhances fluidity and grace in poi movements
  • Suitable for a variety of holding styles and techniques
  • Available in two leash-size options for personalized fit and flow style
  • Superior quality ensures durability and long-lasting performance
  • Created by Flowtoys, a trusted name in flow arts equipment

Tech Specs:

  • 6mm uni knob
    • dimensions: 36.75mm diameter x 25mm height
    • 22mm washer hole – 6mm leash hole
    • weight: 16g w/ no washers, 60 g w/ 15 washers (maximum, with melt/knot protruding from knob)
    10mm uni knob
    • dimensions: 38.5mm diameter x 26mm height.
    • 24mm washer hole, 10mm leash hole
    • weight: 18g w/ no washers, 72g with 15 washers (maximum, with melt/knot protruding from knob)