USB charging cable by Flowtoys


Micro-USB to USB charging cable for podpoi, capsule lights, and other micro-USB charged gadgets.

Sold individually.

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You might think that all micro-USB cables are the same.  Think again.

The cables we get from Flowtoys are great for plugging into wall outlets and other hard-to-reach spots.  The shape of the connectors are specifically just right for getting all the way into some of those trickier USB slots that other cables just can’t make a good connection with.  Their fabric lining is super classy, and they’re very durable, like they just last forever.  These have been our favourite micro-USB cables since they started providing them with Flowtoys props many years ago.

Tech specs:

  • Rated at 1000ma (1A)
  • Cable measures 102cm (40″) from tip to tip.